Various Artists - Music From Vanilla Sky (20th Anniversary 2LP White With Orange Swirl Vinyl Edition)

Various Artists - Music From Vanilla Sky (20th Anniversary 2LP White With Orange Swirl Vinyl Edition)

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As a former music journalist (for Creem and Rolling Stone among other periodicals), director Cameron Crowe has always put his heart and soul into the soundtracks of his films. So, it’s no wonder that the most ambitious of all his flms, Vanilla Sky, sported the most far-ranging and masterful of all of his scores. The film itself was a waking dream, subject to various interpretations; the soundtrack, too, explored shifting moods and shades, but always maintaining the surreal tone and aesthetic of the flm, with a glittering line-up (R.E.M., Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan) of artists.

The result was breathless praise for the soundtrack (the New York Times called it “a music masterpiece”) and an Academy Award nomination. It is, quite simply, one of the greatest “mix-tapes” a film director has ever created (with some help from soundtrack Co-Producer Danny Bramson and Crowe’s then-wife, Nancy Wilson of Heart); and, for its 20th anniversary, we have created a custom gatefold cover for the 2-LP release and pressed up 1500 copies in white with orange swirl vinyl. A sublime listening and visual experience awaits.




1. R.E.M.—All the Right Friends

2. Radiohead—Everything in Its Right Place

3. Paul McCartney—Vanilla Sky

4. Peter Gabriel—Solsbury Hill

5. Julianna Gianni—I Fall Apart RECORD ONE

6. The Monkees—Porpoise Song (Theme from “Head”)

7. Looper Featuring Francis Macdonald— Mondo ‘77

8. Red House Painters—Have You Forgotten

9. Josh Rouse—Directions

10. Leftfield/Afrika Bambaataa—Afrika Shox

11. Sigur Rós—Svefn-G-Englar

12. Jeff Buckley—Last Goodbye

13. Todd Rundgren—Can We Still Be Friends

14. Bob Dylan—Fourth Time Around

15. Nancy Wilson—Elevator Beat

16. R.E.M.—Sweetness Follows

17. The Chemical Brothers—Where Do I Begin

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