Silverstein - When Broken Is Easily Fixed (Yellow Vinyl)

Silverstein - When Broken Is Easily Fixed (Yellow Vinyl)

  • Released: 03.09.2021
  • Label:  UMC
  • Genre:  Emo, Hardcore
  • Catalogue No:  7223330
  • Barcode:  00888072233300
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When Broken Is Easily Fixed, Silverstein’s debut studio album, is a jarring mixture of emo’s earnest determination, elements of hardcore, catchy melodic hooks and even heavy metal. Originally released in 2003 after signing with Victory Records, this album would jumpstart a lengthy career in the Emo music scene – now spanning over 20 years and boasting over 1 million albums sold. The album features the breakout hit “Smashed Into Pieces” and the fan favourite “Giving Up.”

This release has been newly remastered and is available on 180-gram canary yellow vinyl.


1. Smashed into Pieces

2. Red Light Pledge

3. Giving Up

4. November

5. Last Days of Summer

6. Bleeds No more

7. Hear Me Out

8. The Weak and The Wounded

9. Wish I Could Forget You

10. When Broken Is Easily Fixed