Bear's Den - Blue Hours (Indie Exclusive LP)

Bear's Den - Blue Hours (Indie Exclusive LP)

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Bear's Den's deep connection with their fans has been built through relentless touring, but also through the way their songs have naturally woven themselves into the fabric of some of the most important chapters of their fan's lives: the emotional fuel for this often being Andrew Davie's lyrics. This poignant and emotionally relatable songwriting is at the heart of Blue Hours, which beautifully addresses themes of mental turmoil and isolation, but with a sense of redemption and hopefulness weaved throughout.

1. New Ways

2. Blue Hours

3. Frightened Whispers

4. Gratitude

5. Shadows

6. All That You Are

7. Spiders

8. Selective Memories

9. On Your Side

10. All The Wrong Places