August Pablo - Original Rockers (2LP)

August Pablo - Original Rockers (2LP)

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Augustus Pablo is the master of melodica and one of the most revered talents in reggae music. A re-release of the classic Augustus Pablo album "Original Rockers." Recorded originally between 1972–1975, the album was originally released on Greensleeves' label. Reggae all-stars like guitar-ist Earl "Chinna" Smith, bassist Aston Barrett, vocalists Dillinger and Hugh Mundell are all featured guests. Mixed by the legendary King Tubby the album features mostly instrumental tracks such as the truly inspired singles, "Rocker's Dub" and "Tubby's Dub Song."


1. Rockers All Stars - Rockers (dub) 
2. Augustus Pablo - Up Wareika Hill
3. Augustus Pablo - Cassaca Piece ('79 Style) 
4. Augustus Pablo - Pablo's Theme Song 
5. Pablo All Stars - Jah Dread 
6. Dillinger - Brace A Boy
7. Augustus Pablo - Thunder Clap 
8. Pablo All Stars - Park Lane Special 
9. Pablo All Stars - New Style 
10. Pablo All Stars - AP Special
11. The Heptones - Love Won't Come Easy 
12. Augustus Pablo - Mountain View (dub) 
13. Big Youth - Cassava Rock
14. King Tubby - Tubby's Dub Song 
15. King Tubby - Tubby's Dub Song (dub version 2) 
16. Pablo All Stars - Jah Dread (7" version) 
17. Augustus Pablo - Brace A Boy (dub version 2) 
18. Augustus Pablo - Tribalist
19. Pablo All Stars - Lightning Flash 
20. Augustus Pablo - Africa (dub) 
21. Bongo Pat - Young Generation 
22. Augustus Pablo - AP Special (version 2) 

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