Audioweb - Audioweb (White Vinyl)
Audioweb - Audioweb (White Vinyl)

Audioweb - Audioweb (White Vinyl)

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This is the bands debut album originally released in 1995 on U2’s label Mother Records who built their reputation as a live act

• Highlights include the top 30 single ‘Bankrobber’ (cover of the Clash track) and the first single ‘Sleeper’, ‘Yeah?’ and ‘Faker’

• Pressed on 180g heavyweight white vinyl with original artwork and printed inner sleeve

  1. Sleeper
  2. Yeah?
  3. Into My World
  4. Faker
  5. Who's To Blame
  6. Time
  7. Jah Love
  8. Bankrobber
  9. Lover
  10. Drip Feed