The Lounge Society - Silk For The Starving EP
The Lounge Society - Silk For The Starving EP

The Lounge Society - Silk For The Starving EP

  • Released: 18.06.2021
  • Label:  Speedy Wunderground
  • Catalogue No:  SWP003V
  • Barcode:  5400863045968
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New post-punk teenagers and latest Speedy Wunderground singings The Lounge Society hail from in and around the Pennine towns of Hebden Bridge and Todmorden in the Calder Valley of West Yorkshire. There the rain falls two hundred days a year upon the moss-draped, post-industrial ruins, the clouds scud overhead at speed and up on the heathered moor-tops carrion crows hungrily peck at the skulls of dead sheep.

But down below, magical things are afoot. Strongholds of independent-living, Todmorden, where the quartet cut their teeth, is known for its abundance of magic mushrooms and as the UFO-sighting capital of Britain, while four miles down the road, the steep-sided hippy idyll of Hebden Bridge has been called “a drug town with a tourist problem”. Either way, this stretch of valley 25 miles from the centre of Manchester in which the band operate is the type of backwater that is attractive to outlaws of various varieties, as well as artists, writers and all-round miscreants for whom life in the city or the suburbs is just a little too straight. In Calderdale, culture is allowed to breathe.

  1. Burn The Heather
  2. Television
  3. Cain’s Heresy
  4. Valley Bottom Fever