SNK Neo Sound Orchestra - The King of Fighters 2000: The Definitive Soundtrack (2LP Coloured Vinyl)

SNK Neo Sound Orchestra - The King of Fighters 2000: The Definitive Soundtrack (2LP Coloured Vinyl)

  • Released: 28.01.2022
  • Label:  Brave Wave
  • Catalogue No:  GS23LP
  • Barcode:  4589753351059

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KOF 2000 was composed by SNK veteran Hideki “sha-v” Asanaka as part of SNK NEO SOUND ORCHESTRA. As a Generation Series release, the KOF 2000 soundtrack will feature newly remastered analog and digital tracks, as well as a booklet containing archival artwork and liner notes by Asanaka.

1. 00 (Title)

2. Be-Ta Force (How To Play - Player Select)

3. KD-0084 (Heroes Team)

4. Lv-4 (Winner Demo)

5. Inner Shade (Benimaru Team)

6. Terry115 (Fatal Fury Team)

7. Beauty & the Beast (Art of Fighting Team)

8. The Trooper (Ikari Team)

9. Cat Tail (Interrim Demo)

10. Will (Psycho Soldier Team)

11. Come Up Smiling (Women Fighters Team)

12. Wild Party (Korea Team)

13. Lv-1 (Winner Demo [Single Play])

14. Good Bye Esaka (Kyo Kusanagi)

15. Stormy Scream (Iori Yagami [Stormy Saxaphone 4])

16. Be Freeze (Mid-Boss Intermediary Demo)

17. Ice Place (Mid-Boss)

18. Devil (Final Boss Appearance Demo)

19. Slasher Zero (Final Boss)

20. Dream Eater (Final Boss Vanishing Demo)

21. Crystal (Type 1) [Staff Roll [Type 1]]

22. Crystal (Type 2) [Staff Roll [Type 2]]

23. Crystal (Type 3) [Staff Roll [Type 3]]

24. Crystal (Type 4) [Staff Roll [Type 4]]

25. Crystal (Type 5) [Staff Roll [Type 5]]

26. Crystal (Type 6) [Staff Roll [Type 6]]

27. Crystal (Type 7) [Staff Roll [Type 7]]

28. Crystal (Type 8) [Staff Roll [Type 8]]

29. Crystal (Type 9) [Staff Roll [Type 9]]

30. Crystal (Type A) [Staff Roll [Type A]]

31. Crystal (Type Overseas) [Staff Roll [Type Overseas]]

32. Sukuwareru (Continue)

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