Skygaze - Freedom

Skygaze - Freedom

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Originally released in 2018 as digital only, the widely acclaimed LP from Spanish electronic producer Skygaze finally sees its long-awaited release on vinyl. 

Skygaze’s music draws on a multiplicity of acoustic materials, effortlessly blending the modern-jazz aesthetic with hard hitting sonics drawn from trap, drum’n’bass, hip-hop and footwork among others.

Freedom exemplifies this unboundaried approach to music production, and having been championed by Bandcamp chief curator Andrew Jervis on his weekly show, has attracted a wealth of much deserved praise for it.  Since it’s 2018 release, Skygaze has become in global high-demand; from his recent collaborative LP with NY producer Sleeping Loops and his acclaimed 2020 remix for Manchester producers Contours and Yadava to his widely sought-after soundtrack and sample-pack work. Skygaze’s work-ethic is exemplary – something which is entirely mirrored in the quality of his output.

Single run of 300 copies pressed on 140g black vinyl.

  1. Freedom
  2. Uncle´s House
  3. As Always
  4. Kaleidoscopes
  5. All Those Dead Tunes
  6. Thieves Like Me
  7. Trascendence
  8. Massage
  9. View From The Moon
  10. House Sweet House
  11. Easy