Ginger Wildheart - Excess GASS

Ginger Wildheart - Excess GASS

  • Released: 29/08/2020 RSD Drop 1
  • Label:  Round Records
  • Genre:  Punk, Rock
  • Catalogue No:  RRRLP014
  • Barcode: 

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This is a Record Store Day 2020 product. Please contact us if you would like us to request a copy of this for RSD. RSD rules apply, this will be available from 8am on Saturday 29th August in-store or 6pm online, on a first come, first served basis - we cannot reserve any stock.

500 copies on blue vinyl.For the first time ever - the final selection of Ginger Wildheart solo songs from the 2016 G.A.S.S.Project which saw the prolific Wildhearts frontman release three digital songs each month for a whole year on a groundbreaking Fanclub-only subscription. Some tracks have been released via the Year Of The Fanclub and GASS Mk II releases - now the final tracks are released for the first time ever on a physical format on blue vinyl.Ginger gives some more info about this special release - "In 2014 we launched an ambitious project called G-A-S-S, a direct-to-buyer, online fan club.I'd seen the Pledge Music business model letting in water for a while, as it's growing success with musicians and public alike, was reimagined as an open door for yesterday's corporate label bosses.The smell of easy money saw the fan-funded giant topple with the weight of its own greed, and I wanted to find a way to service our community with music, while keeping the ideals independent and strictly DIY.I needed something that our team were in control of.G-A-S-S was a massive success for us, providing the investor art, music, blogs, podcasts, diaries and unique merchandise offers.The project lasted a year, as intended, and spawned two albums, Year Of The Fan Club (the listener's favourite songs) and GASS MK II (my favourite songs) but still left enough unreleased material to complete yet another full album of music.My yardstick of quality, as a music lover and collector, has always been "would I like to own a copy of this?" And that's why we are releasing Excess G-A-S-S for record store day 2020.Ten killer tunes, expertly remixed by Dave Draper, complete with stunning artwork by Doodles & Drips and sleeve notes by yours truly.I am as excited to own this album as any of you are, trust me.I love the world of independent and I love record stores.Long may they both sail bravely on the treacherous waters of commerce".Track listing: Location, Location, Location; Hellbound; Carriageway Roses; Everything; The Uninvited; One Way Down; Hot Piss; It's No Good; Brand New Original Sin; The Final Time, Again?

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