Culture - Two Sevens Clash (3LP)

Culture - Two Sevens Clash (3LP)

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‘Two Sevens Clash’ from Culture was the must-have reggae accessory for any self-respecting music fan back in that long hot summer of ‘77. Loaded up with hit anthems like "See Them A Come", "I Am Not Ashamed", "Natty Dread Taking Over" and the prophetic title track. 40th Anniversary edition is 3 LPs in deluxe packaging. ‘Two Sevens Clash’ remains the defining album statement of the year that reggae crossed over -get ready to ride this lion to Zion!


Side: 1
1. Calling Rasta For I
2. I'm Alone In The Wilderness
3. Pirate Days
4. Two Sevens Clash
5. I'm Not Ashamed

Side: 2
1. Get Ready To Ride The Lion To Zion
2. Black Starliner Must Come
3. Jah Pretty Face
4. See Them A Come
5. Natty Dread Taking Over

Side: 3
1. Two Sevens Clash / Prophecy Revealed (feat. Mr Bojangles) [12" Mix]
2. Fulfillment - The Mighty Two

Side: 4
1. I'm Not Ashamed / Under Tight Wraps (feat. I-Roy) [12" Mix] - Culture & I-Roy
2. I Am Not Ashamed - The Mighty Two

Side: 5
1. See Them A Come / Mask Mi Mask (feat. Prince Weedy) [12" Mix]
2. Informer
3. Informer - The Mighty Two
4. State Of Emergncy - Joe Gibbs And The Professionals
5. Natty Pass His GCE - Shorty The President

Side: 6
1. Natty Dread Taking Over / Invasion (feat. I-Roy) [12" Mix]
2. Natty Gone Clear - Joe Gibbs & The Professionals

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