Ace Of Base - Happy Nation (Picture Disc) (NAD23)

Ace Of Base - Happy Nation (Picture Disc) (NAD23)

  • Released: 14.10.2023
  • Label:  TRUE
  • Barcode:  5014797910553

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Blending classic pop melodies, dancefloor beats and a unique twist on reggae, served up with a side order of Nordic melancholy, Sweden’s Ace of Base became a global phenomenon in the 1990s. And the hits still stand the test of time thirty years on.

Debut album “Happy Nation” features five hit singles, including All That She Wants [UK # 1, US # 2], The Sign [UK #2, US # 1] and Don’t Turn Around [UK # 5, US # 4]. The album entered the UK albums chart in June 1993, eventually reaching Number 1 a year later, a position it also achieved in the US charts.

This classic album is issued as a limited edition picture disc for the first time, housed in a die-cut sleeve.
1. All That She Wants
2. Don’t Turn Around
3. Young And Proud
4. The Sign
5. Living In Danger
6. Voulez-Vous Danser?
7. Happy Nation
8. Hear Me Calling
9. Waiting For Magic [Total Remix 7”]
10. Fashion Party
11. Wheel Of Fortune
12. Dancer In A Daydream
13. My Mind [Mindless Mix]
14. All That She Wants [Bhangra Version]

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