OST: Various Artist - Monty Python - Life Of Brian

OST: Various Artist - Monty Python - Life Of Brian

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  1. Introduction
  2. Brian Song
  3. The Wise Men At The Manger
  4. Brian Song (Cont.)
  5. Sermon On The Mount
  6. Stone Salesman
  7. Stoning
  8. Ex-Leper
  9. You Mean You Were Raped?
  10. Revolutionaries In The Amphitheater
  11. Romans Go Home
  12. What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?
  13. Ben
  14. Brian Before Pilate
  15. Prophets
  16. Beard Salesman
  17. Brian's Prophecy
  18. The Hermit
  19. He's Not The Messiah
  20. He's A Very Naughty Boy
  21. Pilate Sentences Brian
  22. Nisus Wettus
  23. Pilate With The Crowd
  24. Nisus Wettus With The Gaolers
  25. Release Brian
  26. Not So Bad Once You're Up
  27. Revs Salute Brian
  28. Cheeky Is Released
  29. Mandy To Her Son
  30. Look on the Bright Side of Life

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