Various Artists - V4 Visions: Of Love & Androids (2LP)

Various Artists - V4 Visions: Of Love & Androids (2LP)

  • Released: 11.03.2022
  • Label:  Numero Group
  • Genre:  Soul
  • Barcode:  825764119412

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In the midst of the UK house rave-olution of the early-’90s, London’s V4 Visions imprint documented the confluence of street soul, deep house, swingbeat, and jungle sounds emanating from the clubs and pirate radio signals. Over the course of half a decade, V4’s unparalleled 12” output referenced every significant Black British music scene; from lovers rock to jazz-funk, sound system reggae to hip hop, new jack swing to garage, from artists Ashaye, Julie Stapleton, Maureen Mason, Rohan Delano, The Wades, and Endangered Species. This 18-track double LP is the first critical overview of the label, with extensive notes by Simon Reynolds, era-defining photographs, and fresh remasters, all housed in a glorious foil-stamped gatefold tip-on sleeve. Is this a dream?

1. Maureen Mason - I’m Believing (In Love Again)

2.  Ashaye - What’s This World Coming To

3.  Julie Stapleton - Just Dreaming

4.  Ashaye - Dreaming (Original Mix)

5. Julie Stapleton (Feat. Ashaye) - All The Way (Guitar Mix)

6. Maureen Mason - If This Is A Dream

7. The Wades - Get Off That (Poison)

8.  Ashaye - Come Go With Me

9. Julie Stapleton - Where’s Your Love Gone (Remix)

10.  Rohan Delano - The Way I Love You 

11. Ashaye - Dreaming (Jungle Mix)

12.  Endangered Species - Just A Memory (Vocal Mix) 

13. Endangered Species - Endangered Species

14. Insight (Feat. Ashaye) - Fantasy (Insight Mix) 

15. Ashaye - Nowhere To Run (Instrumental South Side Mix)

16. Insight - Paradise (Para Dub)

17. Jungle Biznizz - Joy In The Jungle

18. Rohan Delano - Inflight

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