Various Artists - Texas Soul 1970 (LP) RSD2021

Various Artists - Texas Soul 1970 (LP) RSD2021

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Change was in the air for the Texas African American music scene in 1970. Funk had taken over as the major rhythmic style that underpinned so many arrangements and this is reflected on well over half of the songs on this LP. But of more lasting importance were the changes to the music industry model that had broadly lasted from the end of World War 2 – the Golden Age of the independent record labels. During this period it had been possible to borrow $200 from a local store owner and have enough to get a 45 out on the street. But not for much longer. Most of the old independent label owners had left the Texas scene by 1970 with only long standing record men like Don Robey, Huey Meaux and Foy Lee still operating. But studio costs were rising, pressing plant networks consolidating, small independent radio stations were closing their doors or adopting Top 40-only formatting; this all meant that newcomers were being priced out and unable to get any songs heard. And lastly the closure of more and more of the rural South’s “Mom & Pop” stores meant it was almost impossible to get new records into shops. So the mouth-watering songs on this LP are among the last from indie soul in Texas. Enjoy!

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