Various Artists - Soul Drops

Various Artists - Soul Drops

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Acid Jazz and sister labels OST and Miles Away have released a series of killer vintage soul records over the last few years. Often in limited runs, these are now selling for inflated amounts.

This compilation gathers them together, alongside in a couple of album rarities, in one super-cool package

Musically, we have Northern stompers such as The Tom’s ‘When You Lose Your Grove’, Tony & Tandy’s ‘Two Can Make It Together’ and The Patterson Twins masterful ‘Gonna Find A True Love’; disco funk classic ‘Family Tree’ by Family Tree, and from a similar era Rita Joyce’s ‘Dancin’ Close’; The Gil Scott Heron-sounding gospel of Lamont Butler, with ‘Ungodly War’, which sits well alongside Delores Fuller’s exceptional ‘One More Chance Lord’; we take it down a notch with Rick Hickman’s yacht rock rarity ‘Time Is Long’ and the lush harmonies of the Fantastics ‘We Got Good Lovin’.

Housed in a beautifully illustrated sleeve, this is the first in an ongoing series from Acid Jazz Records.


1. Ungodly War (Lamont Butler)

2. When You Lose Your Groove (The Tom – Emmanuel And Ron Experience)

3. Gonna Find A True Love (Patterson Twins)

4. Dancing Close (Rita Joyce)

5. Time Is Long (Rick Hickman)

6. We Got Good Lovin’ (The Fantastics)

7. Why (The Knower) (The Tom – Emmanuel And Ron Experience)

8. One More Chance Lord (Delores Fuller)

9. Family Tree (Family Tree)

10. This Is The Beginning (Leon’s Creation)

11. Two Can Make It Together (Tony And Tandy)

12. Thank You Lord (Lamont Butler)

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