Thievery Corporation - Saudade

Thievery Corporation - Saudade

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  1. Decollage feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  2. Meu Nego feat. Karina Zeviani
  3. Firelight feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  4. Sola In Citta feat. Elin Melgarejo
  5. No More Disguise feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  6. Saudade
  7. Claridad feat. Natalia Clavier
  8. Nos Dois feat. Karina Zeviani
  9. Le Coeur feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  10. Para Sempre feat. Elin Melgarejo
  11. Bateau Rouge feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  12. Depth of My Soul feat. Shana Halligan

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