The Northern Soul Story Volume 1: The Twisted Wheel

The Northern Soul Story Volume 1: The Twisted Wheel

  • Genre:  Soul
  • Barcode:  8713748980276

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  1. Lou Johnson - Magic Potion 
  2. Bunker Hill - Hide and Go Seek - Part 1 
  3. James Carr - That's What I Want to Know 
  4. Lee Dorsey - Ride Your Pony 
  5. Oscar Toney Jr. - No Sad Songs 
  6. Moses and Joshua Dillard - My Elusive Dreams 
  7. James & Bobby Purify - Shake a Tail Feather 
  8. Little Richard - a Little Bit of Something (Beats a Whole Lot of Nothing) 
  9. Major Lance - It's the Beat 
  10. Larry Williams & Johnny Guitar Watson - a Quitter Never Wins 
  11. Al Greene - Don't Leave Me 
  12. Clifford Curry - I Can't Get a Hold of Myself 
  13. Bob Kuban & the In-Men - the Cheater 
  14. Shirley and the Shirelles - Look What You've Done to My Heart 
  15. James & Bobby Purify - Let Love Come Between Us 
  16. The Spellbinders - Help Me (Get Myself Back Together Again) (Single Version) 
  17. Peaches and Herb - I Need Your Love So Desperately 
  18. Johnny Johnson- Breakin' Down the Walls of Heartache 
  19. Bob Brady & the Con Chords - Everybody's Goin' to the Love-In 
  20. The Incredibles - There's Nothing Else to Say 
  21. Shirley Ellis - Soultime (Single Version) 
  22. Major Lance - Ain't No Soul (In These Old Shoes 
  23. Billy Butler - Right Track (Single Version) 
  24. The Vibrations- 'Cause You're Mine (Single Version) 
  25. Sandi Sheldon - You're Gonna Make Me Love You 

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