The Many Faces Of AC/DC

The Many Faces Of AC/DC

  • Genre:  Metal
  • Barcode:  7798093712278

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  1. All Because of You - Brian Johnson & Geordie
  2. House of The Rising Sun - Brian Johnson & Geordie
  3. Can You Do It - Brian Johnson & Geordie
  4. Don't Do That - Brian Johnson & Geordie
  5. Electric Lady - Brian Johnson & Geordie
  6. Every Day You Have To Cry - Bon Scott
  7. Round and Round and Round - Bon Scott
  8. To Know You Is To Love You - Bon Scott
  9. I Can't Dance With You - Bon Scott
  10. Sookie Sookie - Bon Scott
  11. It's A Long Way to The Top (If You Wanna Rock & Roll) - Chris Slade, Scarlett Pomers, Ira Black & Matt Thorne
  12. You Shook Me All Night Long - Richard Kendrick, Kevin Bernard, Neal Bernard, A.J. Caruso & Kurtis E. Plush
  13. Who Made Who - Skyscreamers
  14. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - Derreick Lefevre, Damon Johnson, Chris Wimple III & Richard Kendrick
  15. Hells Bells - Markus Allen Christopher, A.J. Caruso & Richard Kendrick
  16. Back in Black - Tarsha, Kurtis E. Plush & Richard Kendrick
  17. Whole Lotta Rosie - Loaded Dice
  18. Thunderstruck - Greg Analla, Chris Polland, Rob Hovey & Richard Kendrick
  19. Highway to Hell - Keri Kelli, Lyle Muncy, Chris Wimple III & Richard Kendrick
  20. Jailbreak - Bugbrain

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