Simple Minds - Live In The City Of Angels

Simple Minds - Live In The City Of Angels

  • Genre:  Pop
  • Barcode:  4050538523287

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1. The Signal and the Noise 
2. Waterfront 
3. Love Song 
4. Let There Be Love 
5. Up on the Catwalk 
6. Sense of Discovery 
7. Glittering Prize 
8. Promised You a Miracle 
9.The American 
10. Hunter and the Hunted 
11. Stand by Love 
12. Dirty Old Town 
13. Theme for Great Cities 
14. She's a River 
15. Walk Between Worlds 
16. Hypnotised 
17. Someone Somewhere in Summertime 
18. See the Lights 
19. All the Things She Said 
20. Dolphins 
21. Don't You (Forget About Me) 
22. New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) 
23. Once Upton a Time 
24. Alive and Kicking 
25. Sanctify Yourself 
26. Book of Brilliant Things 
27. I Travel 
28. Blindfolded 
29. Honest Town 
30. In Dreams 
31. Stars Will Lead The Way 
32. Big Sleep 
33. Let the Day Begin 
34. Barrowland Star 
35. Midnight Walking 
36. Summer 
37. Big Music 
38. Celebrate 
39. The Cross 
40. Speed Your Love To Me 

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