Shipping Forecast - Chapter I: Becoming Cyclonic (Splatter Vinyl) (EP)

Shipping Forecast - Chapter I: Becoming Cyclonic (Splatter Vinyl) (EP)

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“Chapter I : Becoming Cyclonic”, is the first chapter of many in a series of releases from new alternative/post rock artist “Shipping Forecast”.

For fans of Sigur Ros, Mogwai or Slowdive, Chapter I adopts a progressive mentality and combines it with the sound - world of post/alternative rock.

With the addition of vocals, Shipping Forecast has a truly original sound which is hard to pin to a single genre. Shipping Forecast is truly a DIY project, comprising of Ben Clare and Imogen. Between us we write, record and mix (with some help from Mark Walker) all of our music.

All artwork and visuals are taken care of by Imy and all the promotion is handled by me. Chapter I explores the chaos of the storm in ones head, taking the audience on a journey of exploration into discomfort. The whole point of Chapter I is to investigate how the acceptance of pain leads to wholeness, and urges the listener to lean in to the pain opposed to running the other way.

“Chapter I: Becoming Cyclonic” will be released exclusively with a select group of record shops in the UK, with only 100 being printed. Everything about Shipping Forecast is in-house, from the music to the artwork all the way to dropping the records themselves off!

We pride ourselves in our dedication to fulfilling our artistic vision no matter what. With new music being released every 4-6 weeks, Shipping Forecast is hoping to turn a few heads in 2024.

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