Ryley Walker - Course In Fable

Ryley Walker - Course In Fable

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Ryley Walker currently resides in New York City, but his latest album Course In Fable is a Chicago record in spirit. His latest offering draws influence from the city's fertile 90s scene, when bands like Tortoise and The Sea and Cake were reshaping the underground with the fusion of indie, jazz, prog and beyond- resulting in one of his most profound records to date.

First Ryley Walker LP of original songs in 3 years. Produced with Chicago / Portland experimental rock icon John Mcentire (Tortoise, Sea And Cake, Gastr Del Sol, Bastro).

  1. Striking Your Big Premier
  2. Rang Dizzy
  3. A Lenticular Slap
  4. Axis Bent
  5. Clad With Bunk
  6. Pond Scum Ocean
  7. Shiva With Dustpan