OST: The Last Bastion - Composed by Adam Gibbons (Red Vinyl)

OST: The Last Bastion - Composed by Adam Gibbons (Red Vinyl)

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Adam Gibbons, the artist & producer behind Lack of Afro and The Damn Straights, is set to release The Last Bastion OST, a cinematic, funk & soul soundtrack to a film that has yet, and may never, be made. Encompassing lush string and horn arrangements, the project will be released in three parts, with the full soundtrack coming out on limited edition, red vinyl this summer. Having originally got into music with the idea of scoring for films, The Last Bastion sees Adam fulfilling something of a long-held ambition.

"Long before all the Lack of Afro stuff took over, being a film composer was all I wanted to do. All my heroes were composers - guys like John Barry, John Williams & Thomas Newman and more recently David Holmes, Daniel Pemberton and Ludwig Goransson. There is something magical about a great film score - it adds so much to the cinematic experience in every way imaginable. I was always drawn to what the music was doing and I was fascinated by the guys who were the composers of the magic.”

  1. Here We Go!
  2. On The Run
  3. Journey To Bastion
  4. I Think He’s Dead
  5. A Walk Alone
  6. Jordan’s Return
  7. Getting Intimate 1
  8. Manhunt
  9. Making Plans
  10. Downstream
  11. Thinking Of Bastion
  12. Get Ready
  13. Get Rid Of Him
  14. Let’s Get Out Of Here
  15. Dream
  16. Anger Builds Inside Jordan
  17. Did They Catch Him?
  18. Getting Intimate 2
  19. Seeing Things
  20. Tooling Up
  21. Bastion’s Revenge
  22. Here We Go Again!


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