OST: Jeff Russo - Star Trek Picard (2LP Transparent Green & Splatter Vinyl)
OST: Jeff Russo - Star Trek Picard (2LP Transparent Green & Splatter Vinyl)

OST: Jeff Russo - Star Trek Picard (2LP Transparent Green & Splatter Vinyl)

  • Released: 23.10.2020
  • Label:  Lakeshore Records
  • Catalogue No:  LKS35672
  • Barcode:  780163567229

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Score by Emmy Award winner and 3 time nominee, Jeff Russo (Legion, Fargo, The Night Of, Umbrella Academy, Tonic (band), Altered Carbon)
The album is pressed on 2 x TRANS GREEN with SPLATTER Vinyl with Printed Inner Sleeves.
Gatefold sleeve features images from the show.
The latest installment of the highly successful Star Trek saga, which began back in the 1960s.
Picard features appearances from other STNG alums, including: Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Del Arco, Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner and others
"Jeff Russo boldly composes what no one has heard for Star Trek” theglobeandmail.com

Side A – 17:30 mins approx

01. Star Trek Picard Main Title
02. Star Trek Picard End Title
03. Walking With Number One
04. The Painting
05. Twins
06. Romulan Collusion
07. Trouble For Picard
08. Raffi Decides To Join

Side B – 20:28 mins approx.

01. Sizing Up Rios
02. Happier Times
03. Mystery Ship
04. Soji And Narek Waltz
05. Home Movies
06. Seven Needs Revenge

Side C – 18:39 mins approx.

01. Raffi Calls Bosch
02. Looking For Picard
03. Walking Around Nepenthe
04. Picard And Riker Reunite
05. Picard Bids Farewell

Side D – 22:16 mins approx

01. Tal Shiar Admonisher
02. Sutra Arrives
03. Romulans Arrive Pt.1
04. Talking To Data
05. The Crew Leaves As One
06. Blue Skies
07. Star Trek Picard Episode 110 End Credits (Full Version)

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