Motley Crew - The Many Faces Of Motley Crue (Limited Red Marble Vinyl)

Motley Crew - The Many Faces Of Motley Crue (Limited Red Marble Vinyl)

  • Genre:  Rock
  • Barcode:  7798093712520

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  1. Boss’s Daughter – Pop Evil feat Mick Mars
  2. Deadman’s Ruin – Brides of Destruction feat Nikki Sixx
  3. Home Sweet Home – John Corabi, Alex Grossi & Fred Coury
  4. Paranoid - Various
  5. Gypsy Woman – Video Nu-r feat Mick Mars
  6. Outcast – James Durbin feat Mick Mars
  7. Lords of the Mind - Brides of Destruction feat Nikki Sixx
  8. I Used to Love Her - Various
  9. Under the Moon & Sun – Carmine Appice feat Mick Mars
  10. Bullet to Bite on – Tracii Guns & Rev Jones Band
  11. Kickstart My Heart – Richard Kendrick & Jason McMaster
  12. Feelgood – Various
  13. Piece of Your Action – Various
  14. Starry Eyes – Eden Burning
  15. Power to the Musicblues – Saraceno & Chris Catena
  16. Shout at the Devil – Mystic-force
  17. Girls Girls Girls – Wicked Sins
  18. Saints of Los Angeles – Takara
  19. Public Enemy #1 – Richard Kendrick
  20. Live Wore – Leaving Eden

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