Marillion - Somewhere Else (2LP)

Marillion - Somewhere Else (2LP)

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Kscope Edition Of Marillion’s Acclaimed 2007 Album.

“Some tracks chime and soar like Coldplay. Others are just a post-rock whimper away from Radiohead… Marillion deserve a fair hearing.” UNCUT

Marillion formed in 1979 and have sold over 15 million albums worldwide. Rightly regarded as legends of progressive rock, the band have also continued to evolve and have been keen to embrace the possibilities of the internet, using innovative ways to interact with listeners resulting in an incredibly loyal legion of fans around the world.

‘Somewhere Else’ was Marillion’s fourteenth album and was originally released in 2007. Following on from the success of the previous album ‘Marbles’, which spawned two hit singles, ‘Somewhere Else’ gave the band their first UK top 30 album in ten years.


1. The Other Half
2. See It Like A Baby
3. Somewhere Else 
4. Thank you Whoever You Are
5. Most Toys
6. The Last Century For Man
7. Faith
8. A Voice From The Past
9. No Such Thing
10. The Wound
11. The Other Half ( Live At London Forum ) ( Bonus Track )
12. Somewhere Else ( Live At London Forum ) ( Bonus Track )
13. A Voice From The Past ( Live At London Forum ) ( Bonus Track )