Joy Division - Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes (2LP)

Joy Division - Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes (2LP)

  • Released: 11.03.2022
  • Catalogue No:  OZITLP8797

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A repress of this long out of print album. This pressing is limited to 500 copies.

Discovered by friends of Martin Hannett and with input from one of his relatives,these recordings give a rare insight into his production ideas for Joy Division and his relationship with the band,the strange things / sound effects they recorded in the studio together etc. The studio chit chat and interplay between Hannett, Gretton and the band members is all here as Martin left his own tape machine running throughout studio sessions.

On this album we have rare alternative mixes of Joy Division that were Martin’s personal favourites and he had the forethought to get the band members to give him control of these recordings.

A must for all Joy Division fans.


1. From Safety to where

2. Autosuggestion

3. Heart and soul

4. N 4 Europop (Decades)

5. 24 hours

6. Passover

7. N 4 Europop (Decades)

8. N 4 Europop (Decades)

9. Synth tone

10. Hannetts lift recording 1

11. Joy Division keyboard doodles

12. Hannetts lift recording 2

13. Organ doodles

14. The Eternal

15. The Eternal

16. Chit chat and cup smashing

17. Hannett speaks

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