John Berberian & The Rock East Ensemble - Middle Eastern Rock (Orange Vinyl)

John Berberian & The Rock East Ensemble - Middle Eastern Rock (Orange Vinyl)

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Released originally in 1969, Middle Eastern Rock is a unique, compelling fusion record from Armenian- American oud player John Berberian. The Rock East Ensemble, Beberian's backing band, consists of the artist's standard group, which specializes in traditional Armenian music with a jazz edge, and American session musicians who bring more of a rock sound. The results, which blend elements of psychedelia, free jazz, surf music, and various klezmer, African, and Middle Eastern textures, are dazzling, and are sure to thrill anyone with a taste for rare "outside" albums. ' AllMusic Review by Anthony Tognazzini.

1. The Oud & The Fuzz

2. Tranquility

3. Chem-OO-Chem

4. Iron Maiden

5. Flying Hye

6. 3 / 8 + 5 / 8 = 8 / 8

7. The Magic Ground

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