Har Mar Superstar - Roseville

Har Mar Superstar - Roseville

  • Released: 25.06.2021
  • Label:  Love Online
  • Catalogue No:  LOL004LP
  • Barcode:  687051858882
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Har Mar Superstar is the product of moustachioed shapeshifter Sean Tillmann. At once point he was seen as perhaps a bit of a novelty but he has nonetheless achieved longevity and 'Roseville' is his seventh album. It is a collaboration with his touring band on which they explore their love of '70s AM radio gold with nods to the likes of ELO, Hall and Oates and Todd Rundgren.


1. Solid Ghost
2. Where We Began
3. Another Century (feat Kam Franklin & Jackie Venson)
4. Hello, Mr Sandman
5. Sleight Of Hand
6. Patchword Prisms
7. Neon Aglow
8. Hearts Have Misspoken
9. Burn The Page
10. Hit & Run
11. You're Not Alone