Freestylers - Other Worlds (Black Vinyl)

Freestylers - Other Worlds (Black Vinyl)

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‘Other Worlds’ delves into a mishmash of drum and bass, hip-hop, electronica, dub, breakbeat and everything in between. It also showcases incredible talent from across the globe, including Plump DJs, Blapps Posse, Laura Steel, Scarlett Quinn, MC Spyda, Tenor Fly, Hyperactive MC, Mad Doctor X and K-OSS.

The album features the lockdown anthem ‘Happiness’. Initially created for big-room, festival-worthy summer touring, this early-rave inspired anthemic track will still have you dancing round your living room with it’s no nonsense breakbeat style.

  1. I Am (ft. Plump DJs)
  2. Waiting
  3. Electroshock
  4. Black & Blue (ft. Blapps Posse & Laura Steel)
  5. International Love
  6. Happiness
  7. My Sound (ft. MC Spyda)
  8. All Your Fears (ft. Scarlett Quinn)
  9. Reality Check (ft. Tenor Fly)
  10. Action Jackson (ft. Hyperactive MC)