Foals - Total Life Forever

Foals - Total Life Forever

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Sophomore album from this skronky Oxford post punk band. Recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden with Clor's Luke Smith producing and mixed by Alan Moulder. 2008 saw the Oxford quintet rise to prominence - from the early days playing house parties, to selling-out incendiary tours across the uk and the world, stand-out tv performances, and exhilarating festival appearances. Their debut album 'Antidotes' entered the uk charts at number 3, achieved gold status, and has attracted devoted fans across the globe. Second album Total Life Forever is a multi-storey pop album with oceans of depth. It opens with an immediate jewel Blue Blood - a captivating and explosive anthem. Following that, funk starlet and forthcoming single Miami, a track underpinned by the road bumping bass pumping along like Sly and the Family Stone and Prince. Black Gold envelops out like an origami dove, slow burner After Glow errupts like Mars Volta playing the crust of mt fuji and 2 Trees pays homage to their defunct pals Youth Movies, or Radiohead.

  1. Blue Blood
  2. Miami
  3. Total Life Forever
  4. Black Gold
  5. Spanish Sahara
  6. This Orient
  7. Fugue
  8. After Glow
  9. Alabaster
  10. 2 Trees
  11. What Remains

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