OST: Escape From New York - John Carpenter

OST: Escape From New York - John Carpenter

  • Genre:  OST
  • Barcode:  738572149376

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1. Main Title
2. The Bank Robbery
3. "Prison Introduction" (Dialogue)
4. Over The Wall / Airforce One
5. He's Still Alive / Romero
6. "'Snake' Plissken" (Dialogue)
7. Orientation
8. "Tell Him" (Dialogue)
9. Engulfed Cathedral
10. Across The Roof
11. Descent Into New York
12. Back To The Pod - Version #1
13. Everyone's Coming To New York
14. "Don't Go Down There!" (Dialogue)
15. Back To The Pod - Version #2 / The Crazies Come Out
16. "I Heard You Were Dead!" (Dialogue)
17. Arrival At The Library
18. "You Are The Duke Of New York" (Dialogue)
19. The Duke Arrives / Barricade
20. President At The Train
21. "Who Are You?" (Dialogue)
22. Police Action
23. Romero And The President
24. The President Is Gone
25. 69th Street Bridge
26. Over The Wall
27. "The Name Is Plissken" (Dialogue)
28. Snake Shake

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