Eric Hilton - Infinite Everywhere

Eric Hilton - Infinite Everywhere

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After 25 years as the co-founder, writer and producer of the Washington, D.C. downtempo group Thievery Corporation, Eric Hilton is releasing his first solo record called Infinite Everywhere.

Infinite Everywhere is a trip hop dreamscape of beautiful melodies and wistful atmospheric instrumentals that stir emotion and memory. It’s an elegant exploration of inner space that will leave listeners feeling replenished and centered.
While Thievery painted with a broad musical brush, genre hopping across (and sometimes within) their albums, Hilton’s solo debut is distilled, focused, and more personal. The album title and concept pre-dates the current global crisis, but is remarkably prescient, conveying feelings of melancholia and optimism in equal measures.
1. Infinite Everywhere
2. More Beautiful Things
3. Leaving the Hive
4. The Source
5. Expert Dreaming
6. Tomorrow’s Shadow
7. Continuum
8. This Strange Daze
9. Embrace the Storm
10. The Grand Beauty

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