Cavetown - Sleepyhead (Baby Pink Vinyl)

Cavetown - Sleepyhead (Baby Pink Vinyl)

  • Released: 17/04/2020
  • Label:  Sire Records
  • Barcode:  093624894247

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Robin Skinner makes music by himself, in his bedroom, but his songs belong to the world. The son of a professional flautist and Cambridge University’s director of music, the 20-year-old UK singer/songwriter—who’s performed under the name CAVETOWN since 2013—has musical talent literally embedded in his DNA. But that underlying musical theory is nothing without the emotional underpinnings that take a song from technically proficient to transformatively powerful.

  1. Sweet Tooth
  2. For You
  3. Telescope
  4. Feb 14
  5. Pyjama Pants
  6. Trying
  7. Things That Make It Warm
  8. Snail (with Chloe Moriondo)
  9. Wishing Well (Cavetown, Drew Monson)
  10. I Miss My Mum
  11. Empty Bed


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