Calexico - El Mirador

Calexico - El Mirador

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Calexico's Joey Burns and John Convertino return in 2022 with their luminous 10th studio album, El Mirador; a hopeful, kaleidoscopic beacon of rock, bluesy ruminations and Latin American sounds, to be released on April 8.

Convening at longtime bandmate Sergio Mendoza's home studio in Tucson, Arizona, the ensemble recorded throughout the summer of 2021, crafting one of their most riveting and whimsical productions to date. Convertino, who now resides in El Paso, and Burns, who relocated to Boise in 2020, channeled cherished memories of Southwestern landscapes and joyful barrio melting pots into an evocative love letter to the desert borderlands that nourished them for over 20 years.

“El Mirador” features gossamer vocals from Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno, while Spanish rocker Jairo Zavala brings his signature bravado to “Cumbia Peninsula.” By working with friends and recurring collaborators, Calexico also highlights the unique social and linguistic intersections at the US-Mexico border and the magnificent possibilities of a borderless world.

El Mirador stands both as a lookout point and beacon in the dark; an opportunity to search inwards, ponder our connections to the Earth and its people, and hopefully illuminate a path forward. After decades on the road Calexico's music remains boundless and romantic, still gazing upon the horizon in search of their next adventure.

- Calexico’s 10th studio album is; a hopeful, kaleidoscopic beacon of rock, bluesy ruminations and Latin American sounds.

- One of their most riveting and whimsical productions to date.

- First European headline tour since 2018, Joey Burns and John Convertino return with the full Calexico ensemble to their favourite European cities including London, Paris, Berlin and Rome.

- Calexico’s 2018 album, The Thread That Keeps Us, marked the band’s highest charting collection to date.


1. El Mirador

2. Harness The Wind

3. Cumbia Peninsula

4. Then You Might See

5. Cumbia del Polvo

6. El Paso

7. The El Burro Song

8. Liberada

9. Turquoise

10. Constellation

11. Rancho Azul

12. Caldera

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