A Certain Ratio - Loco Remezclada (2LP Clear Vinyl)

A Certain Ratio - Loco Remezclada (2LP Clear Vinyl)

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Following their latest trifecta of EP releases, A Certain Ratio return with the remix album Loco Remezclada. The remix album takes all 10 tracks from 2020’s ACR Loco + ‘Down & Dirty’ from EPA and puts them in the hands of a sensational selection of producers and artists including Lou Hayter, LoneLady, Lounge Society, The Orielles, Maps, Sink Ya Teeth, Skream, Doctor Pieter, Chris Massey, Colleen Cosmo, Number and Muddy Feet. The album launches with the remix of ‘Down & Dirty’ from this year’s ACR:EPA by Speedy Wunderground mastermind Dan Carey.



1. Down & Dirty (Mr Dan Remix)

2. Friends Around Us (Lou Hayter Remix)

3. Bouncy Bouncy (Chop & Drop Lonelady Mix)

4. Yo Yo Gimix (The Orielles Remix)

5. Supafreak (Massey Mix)

6. Always in Love (Skream Remix)

7. Family (Finger Tip Mix Suite)

8. Get A Grip (Maps Remix)

9. Berlin (Cosmodelica Remix)

10. What’s Wrong (SYT DMT Remix)

11. Taxi Guy (Number Rework)

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