Various - Studio One - Afrikan Blood (LP)

Various - Studio One - Afrikan Blood (LP)

  • Released: 27/11/2020
  • Label:  Studio One
  • Genre:  Reggae
  • Catalogue No:  LPSOR024
  • Barcode: 

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Clement Dodd, the founder of the iconic Studio One label, was a fierce proponent of Marcus Garvey's message of self-reliance that he had heard in his youth. Over the years he recorded and produced many songs that expressed the yearnings and feelings of his fellow Jamaicans. Afrikan Blood is a timely release that captures some of the roots reggae songs that speak to the injustices that still exist today. Many of the songs on Afrikan Blood are previously unreleased or unreleased stereo mixes by foundation artists like Alton Ellis, The Gaylads, The Wailing Souls and Freddie McGregor. As Judah Eskender Tafari sings, "Afrikan Blood keeps on flowing through my veins.” Track-listing:1. Al Campbell & Freddie McGregor - Born A Free Man [Previously unreleased on LP] 2. Rodley Brissett - Justice & Peace [Previously unreleased on LP] 3. Judah Eskender Tafari - Afrikan Blood (Take 2) [Previously unreleased] 4. Lloyd Anderson - The Lion Has Returned (Take 3) [Previously unreleased] 5. Lloyd & Gerald - Thy Man Look Into Thyself [Previously unreleased on LP] 6. Dennis Lovelock - King Alpha (Take 2) [Previously unreleased] 7. The Gaylads - I Am Free [Previously unreleased stereo mix] 8. Alton Ellis & Zoot Simms - We're Gonna Climb [Previously unreleased] 9. The Wailing Souls - Hooray (It's Festival Time) [Previously unreleased] 10. Zoot Simms & Arthur Robinson - Drought [Previously unreleased stereo mix] 11. The Viceroys - Rasta Leaves His Footprints (12" Mix) [Previously unreleased] 12. The Willows - Send Another Moses [Previously unreleased on LP] 13. Dudley Sibbley - Love In Our Nation (Take 1) [Previously unreleased stereo mix] 14. Larry Marshall - Freedom Song [Previously unreleased on LP]

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